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The Merry Heart of MadnessTitle: The Merry Heart of Madness
Author: David A. Ringer with J.D.C. Ormond
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 378
Genre: Erotica Fiction
Format: Kindle

Weakened, he is promised only months to live. When Western medicine leaves him without hope, botany professor Dr. Charles Douglas follows his past back to India in search of the only cure left to try.

A lifetime ago, before his escape into the academic world, Charles built another life, one rich with intrigue, danger, and easy cash as part of the shadow world of Himalayan smugglers and pharmacists. Older but arguably wiser, he brings home the side of himself he’d left behind all those years before.

A seemingly ordinary and charming man, his new quest leads him down all the blind alleys he was once wise enough to avoid. Except now, with the skills he’s acquired, those blind alleys become a source of power he could never have imagined. Amid a flurry of corporate espionage, BDSM disciples, and terrorism, Charles sees his fortunes change.

Can he rise again from his primordial self—or will he join the skeletons piling up in his closet?

David A. Ringer retired from a career in newspaper publishing to become a writer and human- and animal-rights activist. He lives with his partner in Columbus, Ohio.

J.D.C. Ormond is a writer, family man, and consciousness upstart from New Zealand. When not tending large herds and crops, he can be found prospecting the imagination for the nuggets that see his spirit soar.

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There is always hope! Escaping abuse and domestic violence by author Rebecca Marie

Title: One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second

Author: Rebecca Marie

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 113

Genre: Self Help/Personal Growth

Format: Ebook

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Abuse knows no boundaries. It doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, old or young. It can enter your life at any time and stay as long as you let it. In One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second, author Rebecca Marie discusses that the key is to release the secrets, talk about the abuse, and take the power away from the abusers. In this memoir, she shares her personal journey surviving sexual and physical abuse, describing how abusive patterns started at a young age, how negative self-esteem continued to grow, and how it ended in her falling in love with a psychopath. One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second narrates how Marie was victimized and lived in daily fear and despair, but discusses how she chose not to remain a victim and took power over her own life. Hoping to break the cycle of domestic abuse one victim at a time, Marie tells her emotional story to call attention to the problem of domestic violence. Her story shows there is hope for others.


There is always hope! Escaping abuse
and domestic violence.
Hoping to
break the cycle of domestic abuse one victim at a time, I tell my emotional
story to call attention to the problem of domestic violence.
I am a person just
like you, as a matter of fact this could very well be your story or someone you
know. I have experienced every emotion in my life from extreme happiness to
deep sadness. I have made mistakes and I have had success. I believe that as long
as we learn from our life experiences and keep growing from them, that we
become the people we are meant to be.
There is a
myth out there surrounding “Domestic Violence” that only certain social classes
suffer from this epidemic. Abuse knows no boundaries. It doesn’t care if you
are rich or poor, old or young. It can enter your life at any time and stay as
long as you let it. In One Month Week Day
Hour Minute Second
, I discuss that the key is to release the secrets, talk
about the abuse, and take the power away from the abusers. In this memoir, I
share my personal journey of surviving sexual and physical abuse. I describe
how abusive patterns started at a young age, how negative self-esteem continued
to grow, and how it ended in me falling in love with a psychopath. One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second narrates
how Rebecca was victimized and lived in daily fear and despair and discusses
how I chose not to remain a victim and took power back over my own life.
I had tried
leaving my husband before, but each time I would return back to him. I felt
like he was becoming much more violent, much more unpredictable, and to
continue on like that, I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to face the reality that
if I stayed in the situation, I was going to die.
One weekend,
my son and I went away to my mother’s house. I had no intention of leaving my
husband at that time, but after he kept calling and arguing with me, accusing
me of leaving him, I soon realized that he might be right. I got the courage to
say, “You’re right, I’ve left you.” I reached out to a distress line, which in
turn put me in contact with a shelter within my area. The turning point was
realizing I could not do this alone, and I turned it over to those social
workers and the people who deal with domestic violence on a regular basis. We
can’t do this alone. That’s a really important message in this book. Anybody
who’s survived abusive situations has a lot of strength. That’s what gets us
through. There’s a time though when you have to let somebody else have that
strength and you have to trust in the professionals. Anybody who believes no
matter how small your children are, and no matter how well you think you’re
sheltering them, every child knows what’s going on. The shelters are
instrumental in helping the children. There’s counseling available for the
children because it’s not just about you, it has an impact on everybody.
that help from the staff at the shelter ironically was another reason I decided
to write my book. Although the counselors were amazing and the available
resources were helpful, I still needed assistance surrounding the sexual abuse
within my marriage. The counsellor said to me, “That’s one point where we don’t
have a lot of resources.” They suggested a rape crisis center. I went to the
rape crisis center and the counselor that I spoke to said, “I am so sorry, all
I have is a two page article,” and she recommended one book which wasn’t even
specific to what I had gone through. The counselor explained that it’s hard to
find assistance for someone who is or has experienced rape or sexual abuse
within their marriage because nobody wants to talk about it and there are
little to no statistics on it. It was during this time, of my recovery that I
decided to write my book. I wanted there to be another resource. Finally about
two years ago, I said to myself, “You know what, this is it. This is the time
you’re going to write this book, you’re going to help others, and become an
Writing this
book was very therapeutic, I was able to relive some of those unfortunate moments
by writing about them. I’ve done a lot of therapy around it, and of course when
you’re going to therapy one of the biggest things they tell you is write about
it, journal it…when I was writing the book, it brought those feelings back
again. There are some graphic details in the book, and I wanted to make sure I
did it that way. Put it out there because I’m not the only one who has gone
through this or is going to go through this. Again, it was hard to do, but what
kept me going was it was important to be 100 percent upfront. The only way that
this book would hold the power I truly wanted it to hold was to make sure I
held nothing back, and I’m proud of that.
What I want
people to take away from my story is that there is hope and resources
available. Stop feeling ashamed. The abuser wants you to be ashamed and to
isolate you. The other thing I want to make clear is if you know of someone
going through this, be there for them, don’t be judgmental.
I want
society to not turn a blind eye; if you witness abuse, or know of someone
suffering, please reach out to get the victim help.
Let me and
my book be added to your list of resources. As a Life Coach I can speak to your
organization as a way to educate your staff, volunteers, victims, as well as
fundraising events and corporate sponsors. The issue of domestic violence is
ongoing. We all need to be advocates to stop the cycle. Please contact me @  
Review: From the first page to
the last, readers are pulled into her story, and watch the cycle unfold.
Rebecca masterfully walks readers through her story—their story—and serves as
an inspiration to women around the world.
on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapter’s/Indigo and iUniverse

Rebecca Marie enjoys being a mentor and her goal in sharing her story is to help others see there is hope.

Guest Post from Sarah Smith Ducksworth, author of No Crystal Stair

Title: No Crystal Stair

Author: Sarah Smith Ducksworth

Publisher: Trafford

Genre: Poetry

Format: Kindle

Each poem in this collection is a reflection upon the author’s personal life or is a response to her vicarious interactions in the lives of characters she has met in real life or in books. Through the critical lens of poetry, she has looked for deeper meanings inside those experiences. Though the writer ends with an understanding that her life has not been a “crystal stair,” alluding to the hardships the titular character in Langston Hughes’ Poem–“The Negro Mother”– faced, the writer feels that these poems, all together, reflect her world view and personal Truth.

To Purchase No Crystal Stair

Guest Post

When I was in elementary school, my mother, who observed me constantly scribbling on paper, told me I should never write anything down that I would be embarrassed to have the world read. She gave me this warning back in the day when both manual and electric typewriters were primarily considered office equipment and there were no digital devices available for composing and sending messages through space. Moreover, the technology did not exist for desktop and portable computers which could store countless volumes of random thoughts. Back in those olden days, I was what you might call a stream of conscious writer, putting my ideas and fancies into notebooks. And, my mother perceived a danger in this.
As a child I did not realize that such eclectic and responsive writing could be classified as therapy.  All I knew was that writing was for me a necessary extension of myself. I wrote about things I thought about—things that hurt my feelings, desires for revenge, wishes, and whatever else that made me tick. The same is true today. I write about things that trouble me, about fantasies that intrigue me, etc.; and, in the process, I exorcise demons and find ways to improve good and bad situations.
Of course, over the years, there have been times when the wrong people have gotten hold of some rant I’ve written and used it against me. The trouble my mother perceived so long ago has been proven time and time again as prophetic. And so, over time, I have become more careful in protecting my private thoughts. Still, the digital world has caused me a huge setback. The world-wide web, rife with hackers, has become my biggest challenge. Based on recent experience, I know first-hand that the internet is no place to vent.
Back in 2010, I went online and filled out a form posted by a self-proclaimed “ethics investigator.” I asked this expert about the ethics of a local prosecutor who would not assist me in finding out who was hacking my cell phone. I also invited comments from visitors to this “legal” website. In my post, I explained that there was a person who was remotely using up data on my phone and that this person had caused my cell phone, while it was lying dormant inside my pocketbook, to dial my landline phone.
Since that ethics question was posted in 2010, it has stayed prominently associated online with my name. Someone must be very interested in this post; yet, there has never been a response to my query, either from the ethics investigator or from one of his visitors. I felt hopeful when I first posted the question, but its staying power as an online item both puzzles and bothers me today.
Do I regret putting a sensitive question into the public sphere, which has the life span of dirt? The answer is yes. But, on the other hand, my life has been greatly enriched by the caveat my action provided. As result of my experience, I will consider the thin line between public and private communications when it comes to social media in the future.
Now, I face another consideration: Do I have to slash and burn my electronic diaries? After being hacked, I believe I should. Unfortunately, the loss of this private writing could translate into a loss of wisdom and hamper my growth as a writer. The only solution may be returning to pen and pad. But, even that may not work if someone really wants to get me and invades my home. Farfetched, you say?
When confronted with the choice of writing freely for emotional release or not writing things I don’t want to share, I have to choose writing anyway and taking the precaution to keep those ideas off the web.
Writers from the past and present support me in extolling the therapeutic value of writing to explore one’s own world view. Graham Greene conveyed the benefits of diary writing when he mused: “I wonder how all those who do not compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.”

About the Author

For most of her life, Sarah Smith Ducksworth has seen herself as a teacher who writes. She has had a teaching career spanning nearly forty years and has taught language arts in New York and in New Jersey middle schools, high schools and universities. This current book of creative writings represents a reversal in the way she has begun to identify herself and launches her intent to spend the rest of her life pursuing her love of writing.

The Good, The Bad and the Living by author Patty Bryant

Full CircleTitle: Full Circle

Author: Patty Bryant

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 298

Genre: Mystery

Format: Ebook/Paperback

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It looks like someone left the door to the nether region open again, and reporter Molly Martindale has got another batch of otherworldly supplicants who need her help.

Not long ago, Molly quite literally went to hell to help secure peace for her friend Dennis, who was born Buddy Parker in the 1920s in her beloved, adopted hometown of Oxbow, Florida. Oxbow has always felt charmed to Molly—that is, if she doesn’t count the ghostly visitors who turn her world upside down or the recent return of her ex-boyfriend Greg Richards, who brings with him the scourge of illicit drugs and a burning need to get even with her.

Molly is working on acquainting her best friend Dana with Dennis’s memory. He is the father Dana has never known but always resented. Molly must tread carefully, all too aware that she could easily lose her best friend in the process. What’s more, things heat up when Dana meets Glenn Morrison, the wheelchair-bound veteran Molly kind of thinks of as “hers.” But soon Molly finds herself threatened from all sides, as residents of hell plead for her help yet again.

In this sequel to Bitter Secrets, only time will tell if she can deal with worldly and supernatural problems as she fights her newest unholy foes—the advent of drugs into her world, decades of lies involving the powerful St. Claire family, and the shadows of her past.


The good, the bad and the living
I think any writer will tell you the same thing. Characters
– especially the really good ones – take on a life of their own. They live and
breathe. They have a pulse. They practically think for themselves. The stronger
the character, the more life they have. The writer’s just along for the ride.
I have only written two novels but this perception is so
strong I can’t see how it could be otherwise.
Take Buddy Parker, one of my own favorites. His story begins
in my first novel, Bitter Secrets, and continues in the sequel, Full Circle.  His character is rough around the edges, in a
warm but hard-bitten way. A life of hardship and loss has beaten him down but has
not cost him his humanity. For me, Buddy may be the quintessential hero.
Nothing slick or pat about this man. No Gregory Peck or Cary Grant would ever
play him on screen. Life has been hard on him and it shows. He’s not the great
guy you’d invite over to dinner or to share a round of golf. Most people cross
the street rather than meet him on the sidewalk. But Buddy’s got character –
deep and unseen.  His dog Lil’ Bit and a
bottle have been his only friends for years, but if eyes can see below the
surface, Buddy is a lost soul who’s protected himself from a thoughtless world
by layers of emotional scar tissue. He’s lost his family. Twice. The second
time he made the choice to walk away when he knew he could only deprive them of
a normal life.
The man had guts and a very big heart.
Sure, Buddy’s a hero, all right, but only a couple the other
characters that reside in my stories, and the reader, will ever know.
Now here’s a contrast for you.  Anderson St. Claire has always been provided
with the good things. He’s handsome. Women love him and men respect him – or at
least his stature in life. He has a loving and supportive family, money,
brains, education, a gift for dealing with people.
But Anderson has lost a part of his humanity. Or maybe he
just never developed it. Other humans are useful to him, they’re in his way or
they’re just window dressing. Each is dealt with accordingly. As a young man he
came up in Chicago, closely associated with the gangsters of the late 1920s and
‘30s.  He knows how to make money and how
to use it to his advantage. The family moved to Miami in the early ‘30s where
he perfected his style, then on to little Oxbow about a hundred miles away when
the “heat” in Miami came too close.
Anderson is at the top of the social scale in Oxbow– a small,
out of the way country town just perfect for him to play the role of benefactor
and satisfy his need for social status while staying out of the limelight of
bigger cities.
For me, both characters are riveting. Both are simple. Both
are complex. They have traveled very different paths. They live in the same
town, but not in the same world.
Good and bad cross over in life and in the writer’s mind.
Sometimes they’re hard to separate.
Maybe that’s the way a good story should be. Like in the
real world. The good and the bad mesh.
When a man does a good thing for a questionable reason, is
he good or is he bad?
When a man does a questionable thing for a good reason, what
is he?

Patty Brant honed her writing skills as a small-town newspaper reporter and editor in a rural South Florida county. Born in Canton, Ohio, she lives with her husband and daughters in Clewiston, Florida. Her first book, Bitter Secrets, earned a finalist position in the 2013 Indie Excellence Book Awards.

The Drive In by Douglas Gardham Book Blast – Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Title: The Drive In

Author: Douglas Gardham

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 130

Genre: Short Stories

Format: Kindle/Paperback

Have you ever been intrigued by what mysteries lie behind the doors and windows of the places you pass by on your drive into work everyday? The Drive In takes you on Tom Johnson‘s commute. Unlike Tom, you’ll get to peek behind some of those closed doors. Remember going to the “Drive-In” theatre? Each story reveals what goes on like watching the “dusk ‘til dawn” features through your car’s windshield. Meet the people at the places Tom only passes by each day. Then discover how his drive in ends like no other.


Douglas Gardham is the author of the STARbook-awarded novel The Actor. He lives near Toronto, Canada with his wife, dog and cat. He loves books, music and movies. This is his second published novel.

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Interview with Ruby Lee Tuesday, author of Better Believe


 Better Believe
Author: Ruby Lee Tuesday
Publisher: Trafford
Pages: 132
Genre: Biography
Format: Ebook

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Ruby Lee Tuesday was born to be her father’s property. Trapped in an abusive home where only perfect was good enough for the devil, Ruby attempted to distract herself from his ways through her music, poetry, art, and most importantly, her faith in God. Tuesday shares a heartbreaking story of childhood trauma as she bravely pursued her dreams, despite living with parents who seemed determined to destroy her, both physically and emotionally. While providing a riveting look into the ways of an abuser, Tuesday details how her mistreatment eventually caused her to lose her faith, embark on a path of self-destruction, and succumb to panic attacks and depression. But through it all, Tuesday somehow managed to find solace and an escape in her music, ultimately leaving everything behind and bravely following her dream all the way from Norway to Nashville, Tennessee, where she would find faith once again. Better Believe is a story of determination, passion, betrayal, friendship, and hope as one woman journeys from the darkness of abuse into the light of healing where she learns to believe in herself for the first time.


How did you come up with the title of your book?

The title of my book came to me as I was writing my story. I started to realize that I was going to live through all the trauma in my life. And so I had Better just Believe it. I was going to make it. I was going to come back from a land of crazy and darkness and be myself again. I had Better Believe it, cause it was happening. I also found my faith in God back on my way through all of this. I lost it when I was a child and now I can say I have a Better Believe then ever before, stronger and more personal. And people call me BeBe, so it was actually 3 reasons for the choice of the title. The under title – A Story Of Hope- I chose this because it is story of hope. If I can survive all that trauma, so can you. And that is hope, my story of hope.

What is your writing environment like?

When I wrote the book my writing environment was a motel room in Detroit. I had a chair, a computer and a desk. I keep it quiet while I work so my mind can work and I am very focused when I write. Now I sit in my own house with a view over the canal in Florida, still with a desk, a chair and my computer.

What are some of the best tools available today for writers?

I am very old fashioned when it comes to writing. I usually sketch things up by hand in a note book with my pen. I like WORD, but as for right now, I use Pages on my mac. Other than that, I honestly have no clue. I would say the best writing tools are; a good imagination and patience, persistence, a sheet of paper and a pen. Yes, I know, I am a little old fashioned.

What inspires you to write?

I was inspired to write this book because I knew that it would have a huge impact on my healing. I also hoped that by telling my story I could help someone who was/is struggling in their own life. And I also want to share with others what life has taught me so far.

Did you learn anything while writing this book?

I learned a lot of things while I wrote this story. I learned about the power of healing through writing. I learned to put words onto things that had happened to me so long ago. I learned to own my story and to connect myself with things and incidents that I had suppressed in my mind. I learned to voice my opinion. I learned to trust in myself. I learned to let go and forgive. I learned about where I came from and that Im a survivor. I learned that you can take something tragic and turn it into something magic.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

My favorite quality about myself is my persistence. I never gave up, even in my darkest hours, I never gave up hope! Hope that someday I would be able to live like the person I was born to be, not the wounded me. And I try to help people I meet along my way, because I know what it is like to be by yourself in despair so I kind of feel for people and like to help them if I can. I am also a singer songwriter and i am currently working on my first album “…butAlive!!!” by LadyLoveRebel.

Ruby Lee Tuesday has spent years on healing both physically and spiritually. She is a poet, singer, and songwriter who plays a variety of instruments. Ruby left Norway in 2013 to pursue her dreams in Nashville, Tennessee. This is her first book.